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TWIFE has created a unique, black Jesus nativity scene. With our nativity figures, we want to start this discussion by showing that a person who had a big impact on the world, Jesus, should not per-definition be portrayed as a white man.

Black Jesu Nativity Scene top view

A set consists of 3 individual pieces: Joseph, Jesus and Mary. Each piece is unique due to the hand painting that happens & is branded with TWIFE at the bottom. 

Black Joseph
Black Joseph TWIFE
Black Jesus
Black Jesus TWIFE
Black Mary
Black Mary TWIFE

High quality, durable polyresin material that is hand painted, making each set unique.  

Black Mary Face
Black Jesus
African Nativity Scene

We hope to spark a discussion during the Christmas period and empower all nations and cultures to change their icons of leadership to one they can relate to.

African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, each color and culture should be able to be represented at a global scale without fear. This might not be enough for some, still it is one step more toward tolerance, one baby Jesus at the time and more to come.

Join our movement now and secure your Black Jesus Nativity Scene by clicking the button below. 

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