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What's the point?

To challenge the dogma established centuries ago: Jesus was a white male, with blue eyes and blond hair.


Why do we still accept this?

Based on the location of Jeruzalem, most likely Jesus was someone that looks like a person from the Middle East nowadays. However, even that we do not know, 

The Christianity mostly spread in Europe in the early days of the Middle Ages, and hence the people gave Jesus a white colored skin in their drawings.

However, nowadays the Christian religion is spread all over the world, so we think that everyone who believes in Jesus, can make his/her own version of Jesus: The European made their own version in the Middle Ages, so now 1500 years later, other believers should be able to make their own version as well.  

Even though Jesus was born in the region of Jeruzalem, the Europeans pictured him as a light colored person; so we think an African can picture Jesus as a more colored person; and an Asian person can picture him as a person more similar to an Asian. Et cetera. Jesus is in your heart, and his color is not of importance. 

We don’t want to be right, we want to give people the option to buy if they want.

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