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About Us

We are TWIFE, a group of people with a strong sense of justice & critical thinking towards dogmas. We are going to make The World for Everyone, starting with our Black Jesus Nativity Scene initiative.

Leadership figures are outdated

For centuries, societies were molded by the images of leadership behind politics, men of church or other ideologues.


What are the leadership symbols that surround us? Do you still think it fits or represents the current society we live in? Is it in accordance with your values? Do you recognize yourself in any leaders of the world as of today? Do you believe that the leaders of today are making efforts to build a world for everyone?


Our generation is diverse

Humanity has been trained and formatted into following dogmas instituted centuries ago which were already not reflective of the era so imagine how it fits our current world.


We live in a globalized world, our generation is the most diverse the world has ever seen and it is only starting. 

We are doing this, not only for us, but for the children around the world. Our generation needs to make sure we enable the future generation to see the world for what it is. A place for all human beings. The future generation should be enabled to believe in themselves wherever they come from. They should be able to witness leaders reflecting their image, sharing their values and empowering them to take part in a world that’s been too long led in conservatorship, stigmatizing the differences and ignoring the similarities which in reality makes us be the world as one. 


We are the change

It is our differences which makes us beautiful, it is our mix that makes us grow strong, it is our cultural multitude that makes us rich. Our desire is there, we want to contribute and make this world, our world, a welcoming place for all. Where being a minority does not exist, where being excluded does not exist, where being unheard does not exist.

"We want to say it out loud:

Our Mission

We are The World Is For Everyone.

We aim at challenging the current standards of leadership. 

We encourage everyone to question the established dogmas and stigmas following in the 21st century.


Isn’t it time that we ask yourselves the right questions?


Raising our voices and disrupting the patriarcal conservative thinking still leading large parts of the world can and should be the first step towards a world for everyone.

Our Vision

It's really quite simple: a world for EVERYONE.


For us, this starts by questioning the vision of leadership and make sure skin colours from all ranges are available for religious leadership figures. 

But that is just the beginning, in our daily lives we encounter numerous times how many dogmas are still baked into our society. We are here to change the world, one step at a time. 

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