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Celebrating Christmas and Diversity in the 21st Century

Christmas is a time for celebration, reflection, and most of all, it's a time to celebrate diversity. This holiday season, let’s take a few moments to recognize how much we have changed from the traditional Christmas story of old. We've come so far since the classic Norman Rockwell paintings of Christmases past. Let’s look at some of the ways we can celebrate our differences this holiday season!

Inclusive Decorations

Decorations are a staple of any good Christmas celebration and this year, why not put up decorations that represent everyone? Whether you choose to add in symbols of faith or just add fun colors and shapes, you can make your home an inclusive space. Find decorations that symbolize your own beliefs while also recognizing those around you. You could even go as far as creating ornaments that represent different cultures or countries if you’re feeling especially creative!

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Diverse Gifts

Gifts are another way to show appreciation for diversity during the holidays. Instead of giving traditional presents like toys or clothing, think about giving gifts with meaning such as books about diverse characters or donating to a cause that is important to someone else in your life. This will help create meaningful connections between family members and friends from different backgrounds who may not necessarily see eye-to-eye on everything.

Inclusive Food Choices

Christmas dinner is often one of the biggest meals of the year, but why limit yourself to traditional dishes? Look online for recipes from cultures around the world and find new dishes that everyone can enjoy together. As an added bonus, many international recipes tend to be more vegetarian friendly than their western counterparts – so everyone can have something delicious on their plate no matter what they choose to eat!

This holiday season, let’s come together and celebrate our differences instead of focusing on what divides us. We can honor our diverse backgrounds by decorating with inclusive symbols, giving meaningful presents that bridge cultural gaps, and enjoying food from around the world together. Happy Holidays!

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